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Hello! I'm Mehrnaz, a Product Designer based in Toronto.
I'm driven by art, innovation and data backed empathetic decisions. Testing the boundaries of creativity is my passion!

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latest work

Redesigning food experiences

Product Design
Website Design
Start Up
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Eatology is a food app that saves you from unreliable reviews by incorporating expert ratings. Read more about how we approached redefining our features and value proposition through SWOT analysis, user testing, competitive analysis, surveys and more...

latest work

AI Powered Couples Neobank

App Design
UI UX/Product Design
Full Case study
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Pairwise revolutionizes the way couples manage their finances. Read how I designed a product from 0 to 100 that harnesses the power of AI in order to offer tailored financial solutions, expert investment guidance, and intuitive features to simplify the complexities of shared finances. #Fintech

latest work

Revolutionizing cryptocurrency management

Web app
A mockup of a project
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Hodlbot is a cryptocurrency management platform that helps new investors choose investment options. Read more about how we built features for our users to build their own indices and backtest their investment strategy.

latest work

IA New Media Prize winner- Game Design

Game design
3D design
A mockup of a project
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"Nightmare Exhibition" is an immersive game that delves into the depths of childhood trauma. The game captivated audiences when it was showcased at various prestigious galleries and even participated in renowned game competitions throughout 2023. The nightmare exhibition won the Interaccess New Media Prize 2023 for its new approach to game design.


I do


I design  solutions for modern problems. I enjoy designing user centric products that add value to people's daily lives. To achieve so I use methods of design thinking.


I craft seamless interactions through Html, CSS and JS. I use different frameworks to automate and optimize my processes.