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IA New Media Prize winner- Game Design

"Nightmare Exhibition" is an immersive game that delves into the depths of childhood trauma. The game captivated audiences when it was showcased at various prestigious galleries and even participated in renowned game competitions throughout 2023. The nightmare exhibition won the Interaccess New Media Prize 2023 for its new approach to game design.

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The problem

How might we use interactive storytelling and gamified experiences to convey important messages?

The goal

Raising awareness about childhood trauma through interactive narrative in games

Roles and responsibilities

Game designer, Game developer, 3D Designer, 3D Animator, Creative art director, Narrative designer

Method and duration

Design thinking tailored to game design pipeline, 4 months


I embarked on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and healing. Drawing from my own experiences with childhood trauma and the struggle to move on, I decided to raise awareness about this issue and help others understand the feeling of being trapped in the past.

To achieve this, I created an immersive game that delves into the realm of dreams, exploring the subconscious mind and its complexities. Through extensive research on related works and psychological concepts, I sought to craft an experience that would resonate with players on a profound level.

"The nightmare exhibition" won the Interaccess New Media art prize for its nuanced approach to storytelling and game design. Read more about it here

Methods and tools

"nightmare exhibition" was a solo endeavor. I designed the game, developed it and wrote the narrative. For this game the main 3D game assets were designed in Blender. Then assets were moved to Unity where the scene and mechanics were developed using c##. Everything is created with the viewer in mind and a lot of feedback and iteration was involved throughout the different stages of the project.

Designing 3D assets and first concepts in Blender
Game Dev in Unity

Finished game environment in Unity

Key Learnings and conclusion

Games are great tools for education and narrative. Nothing captures ones attention and emotions more than a well designed immersive narrative. Gamified experiences in any format are great ways of building habits, educating and conveying emotions that are getting used across different fields and in different technology.

Through this project I got to build such experience from 0 to 100. I learned a lot about creating experiences, game mechanics, game engines, coding for games, gamifying and building narratives which I think is very crucial to the future of product design.