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Revolutionizing cryptocurrency management

Hodlbot is a cryptocurrency management platform that helps new investors choose investment options. Read more about how we built features for our users to build their own indices and backtest their investment strategy.

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The problem

Crypto investors face significant challenges in determining which coins to invest in as a result of scarcity in data and insight

The goal

How might we offer a more reliable crypto investment experience for daily investors?

Roles and responsibilities

Lead UX, UI design of website and desktop web app

Method and duration

Emphasize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test /2018 to 2020- 2 Years

HodlBot Design and Methodology

HodlBot revolutionizes cryptocurrency investment for everyday investors by simplifying the process of managing unsystematic risks associated with choosing specific coins and investment classes. Through extensive user interviews, we discovered a common belief among our users in the long-term growth potential of the crypto market. However, they lacked the necessary data and insights to make informed investment decisions. To address this challenge, we devised a comprehensive solution.

Our platform provides users with a carefully curated index of the top 20 coins in the market, backed by extensive research and analysis. By offering monthly portfolio rebalancing, we ensure that our users stay on track with the most promising coins, maximizing their potential for returns while minimizing risk. This automated approach saves investors valuable time and effort, as they no longer need to constantly monitor the market or make complex decisions on their own.

Furthermore, we empower our users by equipping them with tools to actively manage and mitigate risks if they choose to build their portfolios independently. We understand that some investors prefer a hands-on approach, and we support their decision by providing comprehensive resources, educational materials, and real-time market insights. By combining the best of automated indexing and individual portfolio management, we cater to a diverse range of investment preferences.

At HodlBot, our mission is to democratize cryptocurrency investment and empower individuals to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving market. With our user-centric approach, reliable data-driven strategies, and robust risk management tools, we help investors navigate the crypto landscape with confidence, ensuring their long-term success in this exciting asset class.

To find out more about how HodlBot works check out this blog post on our website.

1. Choosing coins

You can look up the coins by their symbol or name and add them by pressing the + sign. The included coins are highlighted in purple.

2. Select a weighing strategy

After choosing the coins the user has to decide a weighing strategy. There are 3 options available

  • Fixed: assigns a constant weighting e.g. 10%
  • Market Cap: Assigns a coin a dynamic weighting based on its market capitalization
  • Square Root Market Cap: Assigns each coin a dynamic weighting based on its square root market capitalization

After choosing a weighting strategy, the user can also change the weighting method for each coin.

Under market cap or square root market cap weightings, the ratios work in a similar manner. Setting BNB to 7, and every other coin to 1, means we will allocate weighting to BNB as if its market cap was 7x larger than it is.

3. Historical back test

here's where HodlBot helps you mitigate your risks. With our back test feature we allow our users to see how their strategy has done historically. The users get a chance to play around with their portfolio until they are happy with the results.

4. Save and execute

Once the user is happy with the results, they can save their portfolio and execute it right away. As long as they have an active HodlBot account, the trades required to build their portfolio will be automatically executed.

Once the portfolio is saved, it will show up on the portfolios page.

5. Set a personalized rebalancing period

When prices change, the allocations in the users portfolio will shift out of place. A rebalance performs the buys & sells to get it back to the original allocation.

The default rebalancing period for HodlBot is 28 days. But it can be customized to the users wanting.

All Hodlbot features are built and designed through extensive research.

You can read more about the research behind our choices on Hodlbot blog.